The Aeolian Mode is a Minor Mode. It has the same notes as the Natural Minor Scale.
C Aeolian has the same notes as the Major Scale in the key of Eb.

The Aeolian Mode preceeded what we now know as the Natural Minor Scale. This msg 4 U!!

It produces a sad, dark, somber mood, without being jazzy or particularly ethnic sounding.

This is a scale that is used ad infinitum in jazz and rock as well as of course classical music and dates back to the ancient Greeks and the origins of scales themselves.

Notice as you learn, how Dorian, Phrygian, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor have only slight but very important variations from the Natural Minor Scale.

Randy Rhodes used the Aeolian and added a sharp five to create the famous opening riff to “Crazy Train.”

Randy Rhodes was an accomplished classical guitarist, although he was much more well known for his heavy metal stylings with Ozzy Osborne.