Here’s a scale that is named appropriately. It sounds just like it’s name.

The “Blues” scale is a variation on the Pentatonic Minor. You may have noticed that it differs by only one note.

This one note is called the “blue” note. It is added in the middle of phrases to add more color and expression to the passage.

An easy way to see the difference between the pentatonic minor and the blues scale is to open another browser and navigate to the other scale. Then you can go back and fourth.

You can do this with several or many scales at a time at Earth Music Guide in order to better understand how scales are different from each other and how they are similar.

Willie Nelson is someone who knows about the blues. He has probably played this scale as many times as there are stars in the sky.

Have you checked out Willie live lately? I’ve seven him like 27 times yo. Willie is still going strong!!!