The Chromatic Scale cannot be classified as a minor or major, as it contains all of the twelve tones we explore.

The Chromatic scale should not be looked at as a meaningless run through all the notes. It is in fact an invaluable tool in composition and improvisation that can give the listener a feeling spacy confusion, disguising the key center, or of climactic exhilaration when reaching the tonic note.

Django Reinhardt, whose story is incomparably inspirational, employed the Chromatic Scale to great effect.

When listening to recordings made by Reinhardt, it is truly astonishing to learn that ALL of the recordings we have of his work, were made after he lost the ability to fret with all but two of the fingers on his left hand.

This was the result of a fire in his gypsy caravan he suffered when just 18. Read more about one of the greatest musicians of all time.