The Scriabin Scale can be described as half-diminished. It differs from the major scale in that it has a flattened second and the fourth and the seventh are omitted.

This scale was discovered by the brilliant and fabulously weird Russian composer Alexander Scriabin. (1872-1915). The Scriabin Scale produces a pleasant but mysterious mood.

The inclusion of the major third means that it can be used in a major scale context, however it’s flattened second and omitted notes gives the strange open weirdness that is very appealing. Alexander Scriabin was extremely famous during his lifetime in his home country of Russia.

He was a friend, classmate and musical associate of the brilliant and prolific Sergei Rachmaninoff. Scriabin had a fabulous but short career. He died at the young age of 43.

After his death he was largely forgotten in Russia and ignored by the outside world. There has in recent years been a renewed worldwide interest in this genius composer.

Check out the Scriabin Society.

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